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School Counselor
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School Counselor

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School Counseling Offers:
Social/Emotional Development: Skills to respect self and others, skills for good decision making & life choices, conflict management.
Academic Development: Effective learning and preparation for options after high school.
Career Development: Investigate the world of work, strategies to achieve future goals, relationship of personal qualities, to education, training, and work. 

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month!
Vikings stand together agains bullying. 
JOI club is sponsoring our annual Compliment Campaign:
Students stop in the lobby each morning to write a compliment for staff or students.
We fight bullying with positive statments about each other!  
Red Ribbon Week is coming soon!
"Your future is key, so be drug free!"
In case of a mental health emergency after school hours, please call 1-800-913-6109
Get KnowBullying, the free app from SAMHSA
For more information, visit