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Media Center


◊  Students may come to the media center to check out books from any of their classes. This year students will be issued library cards. Students are to bring their cards to the media center each time they visit. (The only exception is Enrichment.)  Students will have 8 punches to use each 9 weeks.  Punches are for book check-out, renewal, and returns.

◊  Students should have a pass from their teacher and should sign in upon arrival. 

◊  Passes should be placed in the white basket on the circulation desk.  They will be signed by Mrs. Lamm  and should be picked up when students leave the media center.  Library cards should be placed in the brown basket and will be punched by Mrs. Lamm.

◊  Students have 10 minutes to find a book and get checked out.

◊  Students should sign out as they leave.

◊  Two books may be checked out at the time and may be renewed twice.

◊  If a book becomes overdue, additional books cannot be checked out until the student's account has been cleared.

◊  Lost books are the responsibility of the student and will need to be paid for in order to clear the student's account.

◊  Students are to be on task and follow all school rules while in the media center.

◊  Students may also come to the media center to do individual work or research and should follow the same sign in procedures.